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The department of laparoscopic treatment at motherhood provides advanced and precision technology with the highest standards of surgical craftsmanship. Our surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgeries for the treatment of hysteroscopy and take good care of our patients and provide a truly first-class experience. An experienced team of physicians and medical staff works closely with every patient to discuss your needs and concerns regarding your condition, treatment options and the myomectomy surgical process.
The dermatologists at the Rendon Center in Boca Raton offer comprehensive dermatological care, including Juvaderm facial dermal fillers & lip injections, to all of their South Florida patients.
Our integrative treatment includes urodynamic evaluation, overactive bladder, painful bladder syndrome etc. Lalithauro management approach helps patients reduce pain and increase their function as well as activities of daily living. Our team of urologists merge the most technically advanced medical treatments. Our urologists are dedicated to the diagnosis and management of all urology problems. The department of urology at lalithauro is committed to provide state-of-the-art medical and surgical care.
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